Monday, 14 June 2010

How to survive your teen years being Truly you!

This post was written by my 14-year-old daughter who, on my blog, goes by the name Truly. I haven't edited a word and am posting it exactly how she wrote it. Thank you, Truly, for your words and wisdom and for being the best 14-year-old daughter a mum could ask for. I love you.

Here it is, the post you have all been waiting for! A guide for all of the teenage daughters out there on how to stay yourself throughout one of the most difficult parts of your life: The Teenage years.

Step one: (as corny as it sounds) you need to know yourself. Know your limitations, and know when you’ve had enough.

Step two: you have to learn to say no, and saying no is the hardest thing to do. I know most teenagers (like me) have had the talk from their parents about saying no to drugs, smoking and alcohol etcetera. However like most things in life that is easier said than done, but it is not impossible and though it seems ridiculous at the time, you will be grateful afterwards when you see the effect it had on anyone else who does it. Harder than saying no to things like alcohol though, is saying no to your friends. If they ask you to do something or go somewhere that you don’t feel comfortable with you should be able to say no without worrying. If they are really your friends then they will accept your wishes and leave you alone (and not hold a grudge).

Step three: Surround yourself with people you like. People who share your interests, or if they don’t then who don’t hold them against you. You want people who will always be on your side when you have a fight (because face it, you're a teenager, you will have fights).

Step four: Avoid the popular people. If your not one of them, don’t try to be, be yourself and if they like you they will try to be your friend, not the other way around.

Step five: Clothes. Go crazy; wear what you want to wear if it’s in fashion cool, if not even better. If you want to wear outrageous colours go for it! Don’t care too much what other people think about you, because most of the time they are jealous of you! They want to be the one to stand out in the crowd, to be special.

Step Six: My favourite one! If you are getting bullied, you tell the bully that you know a girl with a black belt in karate and judo who can kick their butts if they mess with you. Say Truly’s going to come and get you! I’m not actually a black belt in anything but why do they have to know that! Most bullies are cowards so they will be too scared to test you anyway.

Step Seven: The best way to make friends, is to be nice and be yourself, because if your not yourself who else are you going to be?

So there you have it, my guide to help you stay you. I really hope it helps you and that you try to follow it, you have to put in a lot of effort (I would know), but it does work! I have four close friends and I am a very happy teen!



  1. We can all wish for a teen with a head screwed on as well as this - fabulous post, we look forward to more. Sounds like a stunning young lady - inside and out! xx

  2. When ED gets to 14 in a couple of years time, I'd be happy as larry if she was Truly#2. Such a great post Truly, you clearly take after your Mum 

    MD xx

  3. This is a fabulous post, thank you, Truly. I hope you never have any experience of bullies, but like you have rightly said, they are complete cowards and usually only pick on those smaller, younger and less vulnerable than themselves.

    Enjoy your teens, they are wonderful years where you will be given so many chances to discover who you really are.

    CJ xx

  4. Thank you Truly.
    I will tell my 14 year old son these points: he is a kind, sensible lad so I think he will agree with you x

  5. Thanks everyone for your positive comments! It was my first blog post and I was slightly nervous! xx

  6. Truly,

    You are AWESOME and your post is awesome as well. I have an 8 year old "Kuki Sool" who IS working on her black belt so, now you know someone in Texas that will have a blackbelt.

    I want you to know that I am printing your post and saving it to show my daughter. As you know, sometime a peers advice is easier to take than a parents.

  7. She is truly scrumptious! And a credit to you. I really hope mine turn out to be so well-adjusted and lovely.

  8. Truly you are indeed a wise teenager! These are all points I wish I had known as a teen and points I have tried to teach my daughter. Just today she was involved in a 'situation' at school with another girl and I was so proud of the way my daughter acted that I feel she is really becoming a pretty clued-up kid.

    I enjoyed your writing style as well--you've got a really fab sense of humour and you present your thoughts with great maturity, without losing a sense of fun. Keep on guest posting! x

  9. I'm responding for Truly, who has been chained to her desk all week studying for her GCSE in Japanese. The exam is today. Good luck Truly! Thank you to everyone for your positive comments. I'm hoping I can persuade Truly to guest post for me once in a while so you may see more of her writing in the future.

  10. Hello Truly! Fabulous post and very smart advice. It is so nice to hear from you along with your moms writing. It is the highlight of my day!
    Nappy Valley Housewife, You are a very lucky mother to have such a wise and wonderful daughter!