Thursday, 17 June 2010

If I Had Magic in My Fingertips

I wish that I had magic in my fingertips, the same fingertips that smooth your troubled brow, mend your cuts and bruises with a Dora the Explorer plaster, and single-handedly wrestle the dragons and monsters that lurk like cowards under your bed and in the cupboard. If I had magic in my fingertips I would move the storm clouds to make way for sunshine and endlessly blue skies. If I had magic in my fingertips I would lift boulders to smooth your path and sprinkle gold dust on your silky hair to stave off poverty and sickness and the tyranny of slavery of any kind. If I had magic in my fingertips I would part the waters of the sea so you could travel unharmed and keep you safe from abuse in a world that doesn’t always believe in magic. If I had magic in my fingertips I would guide you in your journey so you wouldn’t fall down or get mired in hopelessness, cutting a swathe through the dense undergrowth of the jungle so that you could see the height of wonder without tripping up and experiencing the lows.

Remember that time, at the birthday party, when the magician coaxed a rabbit out of his top hat? With the wave of his magic wand he turned an empty box into a treasure trove of sweets. He produced a gold coin from the folds of your dress. Your face lit up as you laughed and clapped and said you believed in magic. I said I did too.

You believe that the clouds don’t fall out of the sky because they’re really magic cows and sheep and elephants floating. You believe that a vibrant bloom that grows from a tiny seed you planted in the soil is magic. Santa Claus coming down the chimney is magic. There is magic all around you and you are so innocent that you can still see it, believe in it unquestioningly.

Someday when my very hungry caterpillar turns into an independent butterfly with wings to take you away from home, I hope that you will still believe in magic, that you can conjure it up on a bleak day and know that spiralling down is not the only direction. And someday maybe you will know the joy of holding your own magic in your fingertips. My wish for you is that you will always know that the magic is inside you.

Thank you, my darling girls, for making me remember that the world is full of magic. It’s at every hairpin turn in the road, in the leaves of a mighty oak tree, in the cry of a baby’s first gasp of breath, blinking in the light after so many months of darkness.

Did you see that? It’s the magic surging through my fingertips. It’s love. It’s wonder. It’s motherhood. For me, it’s the greatest show on earth. It’s magic. But not always. Sometimes it's just life. And that's why we all need a little magic.

I wrote this post for the Josie's Writing Workshop and chose prompt #3: What is your magic power? Or what would you like it to be?


  1. All mothers have magic in their fingertips - we need special eyes to see it, though!

    Lovely post. Found you on Josie's writing workshop.

  2. What a beautiful post. I think we do have the magic but we adults forget about it when we grow up. It takes our children to help us remember doesn't it like Peter Pan? We have Charlie & Lola plasters at our house - I wish they never had to feel a moment of pain.

  3. Oh, I love this! It has such a fluffy vibe to it, magical words, it really made my heart bump and me smile when I read it.

  4. This is so lovely. Beautifully written. To our children we can do magic x

  5. gaelikaa, yes, you're right! We do need special eyes, especially the ones in the back of our head:)

    Deer Baby, I know--I wish we could protect them from the pain. But our children do help us see the magic, don't they?

    scribblingmum, Glad it made you smile--always a good thing.

    Sandy, yes, our children have heaps of faith in us and think we know everything (until they hit the teen years and then we know nothing).

  6. Mummy magic. So beautifully said! I love this and I completely relate--to the shared magic memories, as well as the the earnest yearning of a mother to will magic into being so she might do even more than she does already for her child. Because you taught them well, your girls will always know this magic and will pass it on to their children. x

  7. That is an absolutely gorgeous piece. x

  8. Lovely post. Yes, to our children we have superpowers, we are magical beings. It's hard not to get a power rush from it sometimes!

  9. Very sweet read-it gets harder for them to believe in magic when they are in High School though! I keep trying to keep it alive through Disney World, even if it is just for me!

  10. Thank you for your comments. It's always nice to know that SOMEONE thinks we're magic, isn't it? And it is more difficult to uphold the illusion when they get to high school...*sigh*.