Tuesday, 23 March 2010

10 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now

The lovely Modern Dilemma tagged me to do a Happiness meme (I'm a meme virgin). I need to list 10 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now. This is probably a good thing. Recently, my 14-year-old read my blog and advised me that I needed to be more entertaining, funnier and far less dreary or nobody will want to read my blog. In other words, my blog should be like Glee, more of the feel-good factor and less of the real-life stuff. I'm not sure if all the words on my page will cooperate enough to break into song and sashay across the page. But I'll take a crack at glee-ful and save the singing for another day. Today I'm acting as the scribe and will type it all down as it rolls. And I'm not going to list all the truly wonderful things in my life, the given ones that I'm truly grateful for, like my kids and husband and (touch wood) my health. Because that's not the assignment and I don't want to go off-piste on my first tag.

10 Things That Make Me Happy Right Now:

1. Living in London. My mom is visiting from the States and we're going to the theatre this evening and to the Van Gogh exhibit tomorrow. So...geographically desireable and we can just jump on the bus, Gus. Culture without the fuss.

2. Truly loves to bake. So I get homemade scones for breakfast. With lots of butter. And coffee. Gotta have the coffee.

3. My Ugg slippers. Because they keep my feet warm on the tiled kitchen floor and the hardwood floors upstairs. And they're cosy. And it doesn't worry me that I have to shuffle in them--I'm preparing for life as a geriatric which, these days, doesn't feel too far off.

4. My office. Technically, it's not just mine. It's for the whole family. But I pretend it's just for me. It has a lovely window with white shutters and gets great light. I love the colour (Farrow & Ball Pale Powder). One whole wall is lined with bookshelves and some of my best friends live in there. It has an overstuffed chair, a desk and a touch-screen computer. Bliss.

5. Lancome juicy tubes. Addicted. Slick it on constantly. Can be found at the bottom of all my handbags and coat pockets. Try to avoid the fuzzy things and kleenex bits that cling to the applicator. Moist, kissable lips on the go. Hah. Love the cerise.

6. My orange blossom Jo Malone candle. A birthday gift from HRH. It's on the desk. Gorgeous aroma, reminds me of my wedding day.

7. Sunsine. Well, it was sunny this morning but this is London. I crave the sunshine and love a healthy dose of Vitamin D.

8. Comfort food. As mentioned, my mom is visiting and she's been doing the cooking. Roast chicken, mashed potatoes and all the fixings on a Monday night? That's nice. And the added bonus--leftovers for lunch.

9. My dog, a border terrier. I walk him every day, rain or shine, because it's necessary and because it's the best part of his day. Some days I'd rather not. But I put his lead on anyway and zip around the park for 45 minutes and I always feel better afterwards.

10. Blogging. I just started my blog on March 1st so it's still brand new. I'm still trying to work out how to do everything and feeling like a total dummy in the technology department. But I'm meeting so many other lovely bloggers in the community, albeit virtually, and it's been a very positive experience.


  1. Ooh, I'd like my own office, in London, with sunshine and a pair of Ugg boots. In fact, throw in the rest too! Can we swap lives? Great list :)

  2. Lucky you having your Mum over to cook. I could do with a bit of home cooked food and maternal love. Jo Malone candles are gorgeous.

    Hope you enjoyed the exhibition.

  3. rosiescribble, it's an interesting concept--swapping places for a day!

    deer baby, it is nice to turn over the cooking duties. I love all things Jo Malone.

  4. Anyone's dog would make me happy, I love them!

    I hope you had a lovely time with your mum on your theatre visit.

    CJ xx

  5. I like the sounds of the office, shopaholic candle,slippers, sunshine, and someone else cooking! You are a very clever writer, you should write a book. Oh, did I mention that already?

  6. Welcome to the land of blogging! Not bad for your first month take off. I too love Uggs and just had my best friend come to visit me from the states. It's so nice when they come and say hi, isn't it?

  7. TheLadyWhoLunches, it is nice when friends or family come to visit, especially because we just moved back from Tokyo and nobody came to visit us there!

  8. Suester, I have to agree with you! I love all of your posts and you should definitely write a book! I like your style. I was disappointed when you deleted your post about the rockstar, it was an interesting twist on parallel universes! You were blessed by a rare drop of sunshine in London, sometimes it does seem non-existent! Keep up the good writting!