Tuesday, 2 March 2010


I'm only in the early infancy stages. And yet I feel all the symptoms of addiction: a headiness when doing it; an all-consuming need to have it; a wonderment at how I lived without it; and a fear of what would happen if I couldn't have it ever again. I'm talking about blogging. I'm brand new at it (only 2 days old---a baby, really) so, with time, the feelings may ebb. But right now it's showing all the signs of turning into a real addiction.

Is it a bad addiction? In my mind, no, but I suppose it could be if it meant that I would stop doing the laundry (and let Truly and Scrumptious wear the same uniform all week) or stopped cooking dinner (take-outs and processed foods and microwave dinners) or didn't clean (and let the mice find all the breakfast crumbs and spilled dog food). But it hasn't come to that yet, thankfully. Not yet. I suppose, on the addiction spectrum, blogging may look fairly harmless. As compared to a heroin or meth habit, say.

But it could turn into something worse if I don't keep my eye on it. Because it's possible, and I'm not saying it's gospel truth, just that it's possible (probable) that I have an addictive personality. For instance, I still haven't managed to kick my coke habit. The way some people think, eh? I'm talking about coca cola. I'm down to a glass a day but can't seem to give it up.

Is anybody out there? Silence. Just as I expected. If a blogger blogs and nobody reads it, are they still a blogger? In my mind, the answer is yes. But my mind is what got me into this whole business. Because if it doesn't get out of my mind and onto a page somewhere, even in the outposts of cyberspace, then it stays in my mind. And that makes for some very miserable people in my life. Because they (my precious family) will have to listen to the rants, raves and just plain nonsense of the Nappy Valley Housewife. So, in the end, I've decided that blogging is good for me and, therefore, it's good for my whole family.

So if anybody out there in that beautiful blogosphere has anything that needs to be justified, rationalized or explained in a way that benefits them, I'm your gal. Your go-to gal for useless trivia and misguided advice. I can take that thing that needs justification, rationalization or explanation and I can twist it around, look at it from all angles, polish it up, and give it back to you wrapped in a shiny new package. A package that benefits you and everyone around you. I'll be here. Blogging. Just by my lonesome. Waiting for that response to my post. Cause that's just how I roll. ..


  1. Came to see you via your comment on A Modern Mother. Am I your first commenter? Ooh, how exciting.

    It IS an addiction - be warned. It only gets worse as time goes by, in my opinion. But I like to think of it as a healthy addiction. It's like cheap therapy. The chance to blurt all your deepest darkest moments out, and have people say things like "you're not alone, Hon, we all do that". And writing is creative, right? We are all meant to get more in touch with our creative sides, aren't we? There we are. Another reason why it's good for us.

    No sugar involved either, so definitely healthier than your other addiction.

    Looking forward to hearing more about how an American mom makes sense of the weirdness that is English life.

  2. Iota--I'm so excited and will now be eternally grateful to you. Because you are the first person to post a comment. Thank you! I will check out your blog---it's a whole new world for me and I'm ashamed to say that I never realized it existed. Okay, I'm not entirely stupid, I knew there were bloggers out there. But so many. And with so many interesting things to say. And mummy bloggers too. Good stuff.

  3. That first comment on your blog is so exciting isn't it?!

    I found your site because Iota mentioned it in a comment at http://nappyvalleygirl.blogspot.com/ - she's a Brit currently living in the US.

    Yes, blogging is addictive, and there are lots of mommy bloggers as well as lots of ex-patriots too.

  4. I am a bit addicted, but to a different kind of site. I am a Disser-that is a Disney fanatic who talks to thousands of other people about all things Disney. We are planners and organizers and the site leaves me laughing out loud. So it is good to blog about what is on your mind for whoever will listen. So blog away!

  5. It's completely addicting, but wonderful! I found you from your guest post on Mid-Atlantic English today. I'm an American living in Germany, but my blog is all about food. Welcome to the blogosphere! I'll definitely be checking back!